“You’ve got a lot of wisdom in these ideas. What a wonderful service you’re offering your clients - and anyone else who reads your work.”

Elaine St. James - Author, Simplify Your Life, Inner Simplicity, and  Living the Simple Life - A Guide to Scaling Down and Enjoying More

"Your ideas are practical and help to remind us the simple, easy, non-complicated ways of handling ourselves."  

Do’reen A. Hein, Artistic Designs, New York, NY

"I especially like the size & shape. Life is just too busy for people to take time for “big” things to read. I gave copies to quite a few people already and they all found something they could apply right away."

Judi DeVivo, Altos Business Services, Los Altos, CA

Work with Jay to Organize for Good!
From 1997 to 2003, Jay was a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. His organizing work focused on helping families move from clutter and chaos to order and serenity in their homes.

Stress is not caused by what happens to you; it is caused by your response to what happens to you. 

As an organizer, Jay wanted to develop something to give to his clients - something that would be more useful than a tri-fold brochure about his services. That is how he came to write
65 Ideas for Reducing Stress. 

A friend warned him, "You can't write that. You're not a doctor." 
Jay replied, "These are just ideas. You don't have to be a doctor to have ideas."

To contact Jay, write to him at teacher@jaydavidson.com

You can Organize for Good! Here's how it works: when you hire Jay to work with you on an organizing project, he donates 100% of his fee to the non-profit charity of your choice. In fact, you don't even give him any money: it goes directly to your non-profit, which earns you a tax deduction.

Live in a place that you love to come home to! Wouldn't you like to be able to invite friends and family to your home without being embarrassed about what they will see when they get there? You can! Jay can work with you to achieve your goals. If you are outside of his area, he can refer you to somebody near you who can help.

Jay works with people in the areas of clutter control, home environments, travel, closets, filing systems, and elementary school classrooms.  
In looking at the different ways that people get stressed, Jay has divided these sixty-five ideas into four different categories:

Jay was a member from 1997 to 2003 of the National Association of Professional Organizers; there are more than 2,300 members internationally. His chapter, San Francisco Bay Area, has more than 125.  He occasionally contributed articles to the chapter's newsletter, Bay Area Connections.  

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Who doesn't have stress?
Here's what people are saying about 65 Ideas for Reducing Stress:

Plans and preparations: 21 approaches in the area of time management.

Your body and its surroundings: 11 ways to pay attention to that work of art you call your body

Your relationship with yourself: These 20 ideas are all in your mind!

Your relationship with others: You can't avoid 'em, can you? Here are 13 techniques for working with them to your best advantage.

There is also a recommended reading list.
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